Subtle Basics

I’ve posted this product in Instagram several times over the last three years. I’d always mention that it’s my favorite but I never had the chance to explain in detail why. Allow me to finally justify my social media raving about this one.

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5 Reasons To Work Out

Last Saturday, I got out of bed at seven in the morning to attempt fifteen laps in the pool with my dad. We had been doing ten laps two to three times a week. I was kind of getting addicted to swimming because it’s such a refreshing activity. Whenever I’d swim in the morning, I start work feeling energized, charged, and ready to pounce on the day’s load. I feel very alive and eager to burn my checklist (For those who know me, I live on checklists. It drives me haha!)

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Coffee Sans the Stain

Those who know me are well aware that I love iced coffee and milk tea. No problem with having a little kick from caffeine every day, right? Wrong.

During my routine cleaning and check-up with the dentist, he asked me, “Do you smoke?” I said no. Then he followed with, “Do you drink a lot of coffee?” I gave a guilty smile and he finished the interrogation saying, “Your teeth have noticeable stains.” I knew of this fact–that coffee stains your teeth–but it never really bothered me until someone actually called it out. I then knew that okay, eventually I might consider undergoing a teeth whitening procedure some time in the mid future.

I guess, it’s really fortunate that I’m surrounded by people who are into health and beauty because I was handed a simple product that solved my tainted teeth. In just a month, I got my pearly whites back. I was quite impressed, to be honest.

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