Pickle: The Convenient and Enjoyable Answer to Eating Healthy

As much as I wanted to do meal preps every weekend so that Poch and I could start eating healthier, the reality is that our weekends are just as hectic as weekdays. They’re filled with errands, family obligations, and the like, so we barely get to just stay home and cook.


So, as mentioned in a previous post, we started subscribing meal delivery plans to jumpstart our attempt at a healthier eating. And after a couple of tries, we found one that not only met our needs to eat healthy, but also offered delicious meals that we truly enjoyed!


Pickle is a healthy food delivery service offering delicious calorie-controlled and macro-balanced meals designed for success. Their meals cater to different goals and concerns. So whether you’re looking for a sustainable way to cut some weight, or you’re an athlete trying to build lean muscle mass, there’s a meal plan for you.


They have 3 main plans available. The Signature Meal Plan includes full-flavored meals that make it easy to commit to a healthier lifestyle for life. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high protein, low carbohydrate meal plan, the Performance Meal Plan especially suits you. It was designed for those with active lifestyles and those who want to achieve a specific body composition. Finally, if you are looking for calorie-controlled, macro-balanced solution to make you look and feel lighter, the Lean and Clean Meal Plan, which is also designed for those who have hypertension and diabetes, is probably the one for you.


Poch has a naturally fast metabolism and he also works out regularly. So, he chose the Signature Plan because he wanted a balanced plan. He also wasn’t too concerned about his body composition, relying more on the kind of workout to deliver the results he wanted. I, on the other hand, was looking at gaining a stronger yet leaner body composition. I wanted to be able to carry my own body too in preparation for the Spartan Race, so I ended up availing of the Performance Plan.


Two weeks in, we already started feeling the results. We also started to like how we were performing better in our workouts. And after a few months, people also started to take notice of the changes. However to us, this was just a bonus. The real benefit, we believe,  from starting with Pickle and staying with Pickle is that it made our transition from a life full of take-out and delivery, to one with better food quality, really easy and enjoyable. We love the menu selections and we are terribly dependent on the convenience, too. This one change also paved the way to many more positive changes in the way we eat! Of course, we cheat here and there, but I can proudly say that it’s a far cry from how we were eating last year and all the years past.


I might as well share how meal delivery has saved me from extra hours spent cooking and dish washing. (Those who work and don’t have helpers, I know you feel me!) It’s exhausting to come home after a long day at the office, then cook and wash, and do all the chores. Indeed meal delivery can be pricey, but for us, the premium is worth the extra time.

So, thank you, Pickle, for making our journey towards eating healthy an enjoyable and sustainable one. Looking forward to our deliveries this week!

P.S. My favorites are the moussaka and bibimbap—this is me hinting.

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