Muse for a Day

So I’ve been dragging my husband into my love for photoshoots. Naturally, when asked again by a good friend, I said yes! Here are the three layouts we did. Thanks so much Nadj and JPaul for this fun shoot! We enjoyed being your muses for a day. 🙂



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Social Media


Oh, so many of them

To know someone but not really know him or her

What is now, what is in, what is viral

To know what to click

To know what not to click

Don’t be fooled by a like

Brand invasion

Truth made more colorful

The ugly even more monstrous

What is privacy?

Who is genuine?

Is this real?

I don’t know.

No one.


Logging off


When was the last time she smiled? 

When was the last time she smiled?

She’d smile when Dad picked her up from school. Running to the car with her face slightly flushed from the afternoon heat.

She’d smile when Mom baked goodies. The smell filled the room and the cookies never lasted more than 3 days.

She’d smile when they were at the beach. She loved the sun and sea.

She’d smile when she had to chase after the dog. He escaped too many times.

She’d smile when they were all home for dinner to talk about the the latest in each other’s lives.

Today she smiled, too. I saw it. She was looking out the window. So I asked her what was on her mind. She said, “Oh, nothing.” And I drove off. I made her smile. 

Sunset Thoughts

As I passed the trees,

With the sun sinking behind them,

I began to fall from now to a time not long ago,

When the world was a bit larger,

And I was but a frightened novice with new-found independence.

It was a time of trial,

A time of hurt,

A time of uncertainty.

While life seemed grand and full of possibilities,

I was inching my way into this big void.

For the longest time I was figuring out what it mean to live,

What it meant to love,

And what it meant to have lost.

But Time always comes to the rescue,

To teach us the many things we need to learn,

To aide us into fulfillment and confidence of who and what we are.

Then the world is less scary, more inviting.

It becomes the seat of growth.

And Experience then calls for casual conversations here and there.

We became good friends.

And as my mind started to float back,

I was greeted by the waning, pale orange sky,

The same sky I used to gaze at then.

But now it fondly reminds me of this transient life,

And that You know what You’re doing.


3 Easy Ab Workouts for Beginners 

I started doing ab workouts at a very young age. I was probably 8 years old when we started doing leg races at the end of ballet class. And as I moved to higher levels, our ab muscle exercises increased in variation and difficulty. By the latter part of my dancing years, we were doing some pilates ab workouts already. 

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For Pocholo

During our wedding, we didn’t recite our wedding vows. This was my fault. I wasn’t too confident about speaking in front of a crowd about my feelings. Between the two  of us, Pocholo is the better speaker. He’s also the more vocal one. After much debate, he agreed to forego the vows. But for those who attended the wedding, you probably know about his surprise vows and song at the end of the reception. He really didn’t want to let the moment pass without a speaking engagement (haha). I was truly touched by his sweet,  sincere gesture of love. What he didn’t know was that I actually also had my vows. I wrote them and handed it to him the night of our wedding. 

And here it is…

More than anything, for me, today is a celebration of Thanksgiving. I give thanks for the gift of life – its twists and turns and ups and downs, have brought me to you. 

I give thanks for the gift of family – the person that stands before me is a product of the guidance, love, and nurturing of a wonderful family.

I give thanks for the gift of love – the love of God that has manifested itself in you.  

There is too much to be thankful for, really, and today I vow to work hard every day to be the best steward of all these gifts, most especially the gift of having you from now ’til forever. And what better way to show my gratitude to the Giver than by holding steadfast to the meaning of today’s promise. Know that from now on, you have a life partner, a friend, a companion, and a wife who will strive to give you and our future family the best. While my domestication skills need some work, rest assured my determination will win over this and we will survive! :)) I will stand by you when triumphs elate you, and when trials shatter you. I will make our home a loving haven for our future children to grow into the fullness of their true beings. And,  I will be at your aide when time steals you of your youth. So let me end by saying thank you. Thank you, Pocholo, for unveiling a future with you I thought I would never have. And thank you Lord for today, and everything that led up to this moment. You are truly the master ochestrator and we fully entrust to You this new life. 

Pocholo, thank you for teaching me to trust Life and to believe in what is yet to come. Every day is a learning experience with you, and I’m loving every moment of it. Looking forward to unraveling what’s in store for us in the years to come! 

Mom’s Birthday Celebration in Taiwan

For Mom’s birthday this year, my Dad decided to take the whole family to Taipei, Taiwan. Of course, I was more than thrilled to be off exploring another country yet again, and one I had never been to.

Prior to our departure, I was told by friends that Taipei was street food heaven. Hence, I prepared to eat my way through our four-day trip. Apart from pinning down the locations for food tripping in Google maps, we also booked a van for a day of sightseeing outside the city. I was eagerly anticipating the food, and I was more than excited for the new places we were scheduled to visit.

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