Back in Boracay


While most budding teens experience the ultimate Boracay graduation trip, I, on the other hand, was only able to visit the island with family. It’s no secret that I have strict parents. So every time friends and officemates would invite me to a trip in Boracay, I would decline straight out. I think the wild stories about the night life really made my parents (maybe more of my dad), worry every time they’d toy about the idea of letting their only daughter go to Boracay without their supervision.


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7 Things I’ve Learned after 7 Months of Marriage

This post comes a bit late. I had originally planned to release this on our 6th month mark, but well, we’ve been busy. Hence, the slight delay. Anyway, here goes.

They say the first few months of marriage is a new phase of getting to know your partner all over again. Small things you’ve never noticed before and behaviors you’ve never encountered in the past surface. And based on banter of elder folk who have long passed this stage, it’s a time for rediscovery, little quarrels here and there, and learning to do some old things in new ways.

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Muse for a Day

So I’ve been dragging my husband into my love for photoshoots. Naturally, when asked again by a good friend, I said yes! Here are the three layouts we did. Thanks so much Nadj and JPaul for this fun shoot! We enjoyed being your muses for a day. 🙂



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Social Media


Oh, so many of them

To know someone but not really know him or her

What is now, what is in, what is viral

To know what to click

To know what not to click

Don’t be fooled by a like

Brand invasion

Truth made more colorful

The ugly even more monstrous

What is privacy?

Who is genuine?

Is this real?

I don’t know.

No one.


Logging off


When was the last time she smiled? 

When was the last time she smiled?

She’d smile when Dad picked her up from school. Running to the car with her face slightly flushed from the afternoon heat.

She’d smile when Mom baked goodies. The smell filled the room and the cookies never lasted more than 3 days.

She’d smile when they were at the beach. She loved the sun and sea.

She’d smile when she had to chase after the dog. He escaped too many times.

She’d smile when they were all home for dinner to talk about the the latest in each other’s lives.

Today she smiled, too. I saw it. She was looking out the window. So I asked her what was on her mind. She said, “Oh, nothing.” And I drove off. I made her smile. 

Sunset Thoughts

As I passed the trees,

With the sun sinking behind them,

I began to fall from now to a time not long ago,

When the world was a bit larger,

And I was but a frightened novice with new-found independence.

It was a time of trial,

A time of hurt,

A time of uncertainty.

While life seemed grand and full of possibilities,

I was inching my way into this big void.

For the longest time I was figuring out what it mean to live,

What it meant to love,

And what it meant to have lost.

But Time always comes to the rescue,

To teach us the many things we need to learn,

To aide us into fulfillment and confidence of who and what we are.

Then the world is less scary, more inviting.

It becomes the seat of growth.

And Experience then calls for casual conversations here and there.

We became good friends.

And as my mind started to float back,

I was greeted by the waning, pale orange sky,

The same sky I used to gaze at then.

But now it fondly reminds me of this transient life,

And that You know what You’re doing.