When I think about the months that passed
And the wave of change that sacked all we know
While there’s a quiet void
At the same time, I can’t keep out the noise
But the dawn gives hope
And the waxing moonlight listens to all our woes
The rain washes fears
And the melody of nightfall consoles the weary
Above all are all those dearest
Who make time to talk
Who send some care
Who remain present
Who sit in your thoughts
Who hold your heart
Without them, would these times still make sense?
I think not


Today I didn’t think of you less
Nor did I try hard enough to let it pass
Like a flower floating in an open field
I sway to and from letting the days sweep by
Maybe one day it will settle in the pits of my heart
Like the dew after a cold morning 
Or maybe it will wither and turn into something else
Something still 
Something beautiful
Something hopeful
Because as seasons change so do we
And if there is anything that will remain
It will be the memory of you


There are so many things I want to say
But I have no words
I wish I could console you
But anything I say will not be enough I
f there was a moment I could forget
It would be now
Because seeing you like this
Without a means to relieve you
Without the right to make it better
Without a promise I can keep
Will always be something to regret