Our Weekend Escape to Samal Island

Spontaneous trips are always a good idea. Our weekend trip to Samal Island in Davao was planned just a week before we left, and it was just what we needed after a hectic start in 2018–we were both very busy last January and February. And even better, we found two other friends, Nikka and Ken, to come along.


Thanks to Agoda, we found a cozy place to stay in called Chema’s by the Sea. For those looking for a hotel in Samal that will give you value for money, this is it! For just a little over Php5,500 we got a two bedroom cabana that fit three of us while Ken got his own cabana at an affordable rate as well. The rooms and other areas with Balinese-inspired decorations and the pocket garden in the middle, around which the rooms were built, made really made the whole place feel like a relaxing home away from the city.


What is there to do in Samal Island? Island hopping and snorkeling, a personal favorite of mine! I love looking at fish and corals under the sea. We rented a boat that took us all around the surrounding coral gardens in Samal Island.


We stopped at around noon and had fresh seafood for lunch, caught and cooked by the locals. We were only four and we devoured everything along with a whole kaldero of hot, white rice. Yum.


Our second (and last) day was spent just chilling by the beach and cooling off with some halo-halo. The beach front is small, but since the resort is small and only holds a few people, you need not worry about it getting too crowded. We had enough space to swim and take fun photos in the sand bar when low tide came.


How lucky are the people in Davao? They have this beautiful island just a bangka ride away from the city! If there were such a beach just as near from Manila, you’ll know where to find me every time there’s a long weekend or during the holidays. 😉

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