Let Me Tell You The Many Ways


Let me tell you the many ways you show me you love me.

When there’s immense concern in your eyes knowing I’m going to face something larger than me and I have to do it on my own,

When you are patient during the myriad of times I am irritable,

When you fight the fatigue that weighs you down so that you can take me out on dates,

When you agree to join my crazy workouts–cycling was never something you enjoyed but you did it anyway. Twice.

When you push me to be brave.

When you challenge my obstinate self to heed your words of wisdom.

When you fight for what’s right, even if it means telling me I’m wrong.

When you sing your ballads to me in secret–sorry, now the world knows.

When you sit in silence trying to shield me from your worries–no need to carry the burden alone, I’m here.

My turn. Let me tell you the many ways.. no, let me show you.


Photos: Ian Santillan

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