Pickle: The Convenient and Enjoyable Answer to Eating Healthy

As much as I wanted to do meal preps every weekend so that Poch and I could start eating healthier, the reality is that our weekends are just as hectic as weekdays. They’re filled with errands, family obligations, and the like, so we barely get to just stay home and cook.


So, as mentioned in a previous post, we started subscribing meal delivery plans to jumpstart our attempt at a healthier eating. And after a couple of tries, we found one that not only met our needs to eat healthy, but also offered delicious meals that we truly enjoyed!


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My Surprise Bridal Shower

This event deserves an entry because it made me so happy! Let’s start from the beginning so I can share how this day unraveled into something I didn’t expect at all.

As far as I knew, I was going to go to my third fitting with my good friend, Ashley. I was supposed to go to my fitting with Pocholo but since he had work, Ashley had agreed to accompany me. We were running a bit late, so I texted my designer to inform him of our delay. As I hopped into the car and started to give instructions to the driver, Ashley interrupted me and apologized saying that we had to do a last minute errand prior to heading to the fitting. Since it was on the way, I didn’t see it as a problem. We went down at Molito and started walking towards 25 Mushrooms Kitchen to meet Ashley’s tita. As soon as we entered, …. SURPRISE!!!! The room was filled with some of my longest and closest girl friends, and I saw a sign that said “Micki’s Bridal Cookout”.  I was so overwhelmed by the revelation of what I had just walked into that I cried! So apparently, there was no fitting scheduled that day, and Pocholo didn’t have work. Congratulations to everyone in on the planning because I really had no idea.

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Pasta Firsts

My fiancé likes to cook and well, I don’t have any sort of relationship with the kitchen. I knew I had to learn or figure out basic meals soon because our future and survival would depend on it (haha!). So, to expedite my learning process, he took the opportunity to teach me some pasta dishes these past two weekends.

I must admit I was reluctant to cook but when we started, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. My fiancé’s siblings joined us making it a team effort and turning it into a fun activity. We put on some 90’s music and cooked away!

I think my trauma for cooking stemmed from two events when I was in grade school. There was a time  I cut myself while chopping followed by a really unforgettable encounter with raw, uncleaned fish. I only got over these two memorable instances because the last two family cooking weekends have masked the past. I think I’m more open to learning more recipes now and I can start building a new relationship with the kitchen and cooking.

For those wondering what we cooked, or what I learned to cook, we did two kinds of pasta dishes: truffle cream mushroom pasta and pesto shrimp pasta. Let me share with you my fiancé’s invented dishes. I say ‘invented’ because he cooks without exact measurements and just adjusts ingredients based on his judgment of taste.

Here’s a picture of our first dish, the truffle cream mushroom pasta. It’s basically aldente pasta mixed  into rich, creamy sauce with truffle oil, two kinds of mushroom, and a few cubes of mozzarella to give the sauce some stretch.

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Coffee Conversations

My love for coffee began in college. It kept me sane and alert especially on days wherein I hardly slept the night before. I’d look forward to that jolt after my morning’s first sip. It makes facing the daily grind a little more tolerable and it turns the dazed beginning of a new day into a pleasant unraveling of possibilities.

My fiancé introduced me to coffee alongside dessert. Instead of being a daily catalyst, this experience transformed coffee into a concluding rite to every meal. I learned to love the battling duet of sweet indulgence and bitter satisfaction.

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