Coffee Conversations

My love for coffee began in college. It kept me sane and alert especially on days wherein I hardly slept the night before. I’d look forward to that jolt after my morning’s first sip. It makes facing the daily grind a little more tolerable and it turns the dazed beginning of a new day into a pleasant unraveling of possibilities.

My fiancé introduced me to coffee alongside dessert. Instead of being a daily catalyst, this experience transformed coffee into a concluding rite to every meal. I learned to love the battling duet of sweet indulgence and bitter satisfaction.

And so my love for coffee has grown since, and my dosage has extended to a variety of moments in a day. Whatever kind of coffee it is, and whatever time and occasion, it’s always a good idea to grab a cup. Coffee, to me, is symbolic of relationships, from the first of acquaintances, to business meetings, close friendships, love in bloom, and reunions of distant friends. There is no better way to engage in conversation other than with a cup of coffee. Conversation and coffee make up many meaningful encounters.

My fiancé and I share the same love for this truly infectious drink. Our first few dates involved a local coffee shop and our favorite coffee drinks. Our first appliance was a coffee maker! From the several things we found to have in common, this is one of my favorites probably because as mundane an activity it seems, it brings us much excitement.  Our day is not complete without it.

I have several favorites (coffee brands and flavors of drinks) that I will be sharing with you in another post. So stay tuned!

If you haven’t had your daily dose yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂 I just had mine.

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