Teasers from Our Prenup Shoot with Ian Santillan 

I’m feeling really excited about the photos from our prenup shoot with Ian Santillan. We shot in the ballet studio I spent most of my weeknights in, Ecole de Ballet Manille, and in PNR (Philippine National Railways). We haven’t seen the rest of the pictures and we won’t see them until our wedding day but here’s a compilation of the teasers Ian has released over the past few weeks.

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Wedding Preparation Tip: DIY Prenup Make-up

Last week, I wrote about our prenup shoot at Casa San Pablo. I mentioned in the credits that we managed to pull off the shoot with DIY make-up and styling. For those who are considering the DIY path for their prenup shoot, allow me to share with you how I managed to look decent in the pictures (haha!).

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Prenup Shoot at Casa San Pablo

When Poch and I were looking for wedding venues, we chanced upon a garden reception that was featured on Bride and Breakfast. It looked like the kind of place we wanted – rustic, simple and intimate. So we scheduled a trip to the venue for the following weekend.

When we arrived at the destination, that immediately concluded our search. We fell in love with Casa San Pablo instantaneously and we did not consider any other place anymore for our wedding reception.

Casa San Pablo is a bed and breakfast situated along Colago Avenue in San Pablo, Laguna. The 2-hectare recreational site was the brainchild of Boots and Ann Alcantara. The couple envisioned a place where people could flee from the busy and fast-paced life of the city and appreciate the peace, silence and simplicity of the local rural scene.

What makes Casa San Pablo unique is that everything about the place tells a story, from the food and furniture pieces, to the room design details. Boots and Ann took inspiration from their travels abroad and from the many characters in San Pablo. The soul of Casa San Pablo is built upon these experiences and encounters, all of which have been carefully translated into different parts of the compound.

What truly captured us was how the place felt like home from the first time we set foot in the open garden. We were greeted by an array of pine trees, lush flowers and a quaint brick and wooden house – the kind that looked as if it popped out from a storybook.

Our prenup shoot with a good friend, Mario Mundo, captured the beauty of this little haven in San Pablo. Here are some of my favorite shots of us in Casa San Pablo.

Mario Mundo Photography-89

Mario Mundo Photography-46

Mario Mundo Photography-208 Mario Mundo Photography-147

Mario Mundo Photography-142

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