Must-Have: One-Step Shampoo and Conditioner (All-natural too!) 

I live a busy life with each day filled up to the brim. There are so many things I want to do but there’s never enough time! I do my best to make time for things at the top of my list and squeeze in whatever else I can manage. Yet, even with my best time management skills at work, some activities are well,… compromised.

Truth be told, my hair is usually the victim of my lack of time. I don’t put a lot of effort into my daily hair regimen. I’m a wash-and-wear kind of girl and my hair makes it through the day in a ponytail if it’s really not at its best. There are times when I skip conditioner (yes, I know this is a beauty sin!) to lessen my total prep time by about 5 minutes. If my hair said it hates me, I would completely understand.

Luckily,  I found a solution to this unfair treatment towards my reddish brown locks. My sister-in-law let me try Epoch’s Ava Puhi Moni  Shampoo and Light Conditioner and to this day,  it’s been,  by far,  the best thing for me and my hair!

This one-step solution allows me to keep my wash-and-wear routine and gives my hair the right care it needs. Polynesians have been using the nectar from the ava puhi bulb to wash and condition their hair for generations now. This very same natural ingredient present in the shampoo cleanses, hydrates and makes the hair lustrous and vibrant.

I’ve tried other brands that carry shampoo-and-conditioner-in-one variants. While these provide a lot of benefits as well, I’ve found them to be a little to oily. I’d get acne on my back or along my hairline. Since the Epoch Ava Puhi Moni shampoo is made with light conditioner, it doesn’t turn out too oily and it’s just right for daily use. Of course, if you’d like intensive moisturizing, you’ll need more than this, (like a leave-on hair mask that should be applied once a week. More on this another time, and in another post) but for everyday hair maintenance, this is the deal.

To conclude, I highly recommend this product for those who, like me, have that get-up-and-go lifestyle. You’ll enjoy a healthy, well-kept mane that takes minimal time to manage and you’ll run through your busy day looking great!

For inquiries, send me a message. I have access to orders for this product 😉 or @mickijosue in Instagram


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