Get Whipped! 

No, this is not a kinky post, far from it, in fact. This is about a new place I discovered and a new hair removal alternative for all the ladies out there.

I’ve always opted for hot wax. It was fast, easy and the pain was an accepted truth. But last week, I was introduced to another kind of hair removal service. While leisurely walking in the mall, I came across a new waxing salon in Alabang Town Center that caught my attention (because as much as I hate to admit it, I’m a sucker for anything fun and cute). The Whipped logo that looked like icing was just too cute! My curious self quickly walked into the salon determined to learn about the services offered. 

Whipped answers every girl’s necessary waxing need, but instead of using hot wax, their services make use of cold sugar wax. In addition, the salon also offers body scrubbing services with the sweetest of flavors such as caramel,  vanilla, strawberry and orange. No wonder when I entered, I was greeted by the smell of vanilla. What a cute, new and fun way to pamper yourself. 

It didn’t take long for me to set an appointment a dew days after. Just this weekend I tried the cold sugar wax service. To my joy, it’s a lot less painful compared to hot wax. I also don’t need to worry about getting burnt (I have sensitive skin). I’m so happy I’ve  found a new alternative to hot wax. 

The agenda for my next visit will be to try the body scrubbing. My pampering session is well-overdue! Will tell you about it after. 🙂

For more information or to book an appointment, check out their website or Instagram, @whippedsalonph.  

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