Thank You, Amanpulo

We, Filipinos, are so lucky. We live within reach of the most beautiful beaches. Case in point: Amanpulo. If you’re following me on Instagram, you would have already gotten a glimpse of this breathtaking island. Was it such a tease? Well, allow me to share with you more about Amanpulo now.



It was about three in the afternoon and we had some free time off to enjoy the island on our own. We had just gone snorkeling and were exhausted. Daniela and I got some fruit shakes to beat the heat, after which she decided to take a nap. She instantly dozed off and I watched the rise and fall of her chest under the blue towel she placed over herself to hide herself from the harsh rays of the sun. I looked to my left and found Ian busy checking out all the cool underwater footage he caught on his GoPro. I gazed out to the sea and my mind instantly started to wander. This was the first time we had some downtime since we arrived and I was savouring every moment of it. We were going home the next day and I wasn’t ready to leave just yet.




I wasn’t ready to leave all the vibrant all colors around me–from the clear, cerulean blue sea, to the pastel pink skies. It was so refreshing to be amidst this scene day in and day out, especially if you’re used to the dull, gray concrete walls of the city.





I wasn’t ready to leave the solitude. I’m an introvert, so being alone and away in a beautiful place like Amanpulo made me feel so, so content. I was completely immersed in the moment. I could lie down along the shore for hours deep in my own thoughts.




I wasn’t ready to leave the beach–I love the beach! I had just been to the Boracay before this trip and I wasn’t complaining at all even if I was now fifty shades darker and was peeling like crazy. The sound of the waves is ultimately calming and the smell of the sea is something I always look forward to. The beach in Amanpulo is also a sight you won’t ever want to let go of. I don’t even need to explain why.




Lastly, I wasn’t ready to face reality. Being on the island felt like a dream. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. The place is gorgeous beyond words, the service is excellent (imagine cold water bottles in your golf carts 24/7), and the food is delicious! How could this place be real? In my little world, I’d only read of experiences like this in books. I didn’t want this experience to end so soon!




Daniela’s phone alarmed. It was time to get ready for our last event. I took one last look at the waning sun and then started to gather my things. We walked along the sandy pathway back to our Casita. It was quiet walk. We weren’t chattering away the way we usually did. I guess the separation anxiety was kicking in.



I was expecting to feel really glum the next morning (yes, I was that sad about leaving), but Nature made sure we parted on a good note. The morning of our departure, we decided to take one last dip in the ocean and as soon as we were out, a rainbow appeared across the sky. It was beautiful. It was perfect. I could’t have asked for a better finale.

Thank you, Amanpulo. This short but oh-so-sweet trip was well worth it. I’m beyond grateful for the brief time spent on the island. I do hope we see each other again.

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