Back in Boracay


While most budding teens experience the ultimate Boracay graduation trip, I, on the other hand, was only able to visit the island with family. It’s no secret that I have strict parents. So every time friends and officemates would invite me to a trip in Boracay, I would decline straight out. I think the wild stories about the night life really made my parents (maybe more of my dad), worry every time they’d toy about the idea of letting their only daughter go to Boracay without their supervision.


When Pocholo and I were dating, he wanted to take me places. We wanted to travel the way many couples do nowadays. But obviously, that was not a possibility. So as soon as we got married, we really made a list of places we wanted to go. Greece was definitely at the top of the list, but Boracay came in close–within the top five, to be exact. And when we finally booked our ticket, I was really excited! This was going to be my first trip to Boracay WITHOUT MY PARENTS–and at the age of 29, by the way!


We planned to do everything Boracay-ey–except for the braids and the henna tattoo, not my thing anymore, haha! Here’s a list of the must-do’s we compiled for the trip.

  • Get a drink from Jonah’s at the height of the heat
  • Chill while sailing in a paraw
  • Go food tripping all day every day!
  • Watch the sunset with happy hour cocktails
  • Come home with a golden tan 😛




We were able to do everything and we came home black, not golden. If you ask me, my favorite part would be the paraw ride and the lazy afternoons we just napped along the beach (which is the reason why we got really, really dark). It was such a relaxing trip. Sometimes life is just too fast and trips like these allow you to appreciate the now.




Boracay has evolved since my last trip. But, none the less, it’s still beautiful and it continues to be so full of life. It’s so fitting for every kind of vacationer–honeymooners, families, tourists, teens, and yuppies–because there are so many things you can do and so many ways you can enjoy the island. We will definitely come back, and hopefully by then, we have little ones with us!




See you then, Boracay.


Here are some details of our trip. In case any of you have questions, feel free to ask. Send me an email at

Where we stayed: Joni’s
Where our food tripping took us:
Two Seasons – We had their famous oyster sisig and fajitas!
Tom’s Coffee – This was our go-to place for iced latte every morning.
Cha Cha’s – This is a really nice place for sunset drinks.
Korean Restaurant in D’Mall (I can’t remember the name!) – Their bibimbap was delicious.
Mañana – This Mexican restaurant was always full! Luckily, we were able to grab late lunch here.


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