Let’s Talk Lippies

This obsession about lippies began mid last year, when I discovered the myriad of looks you can achieve by just changing your lipstick color. Also, you don’t really need a lot of makeup if you dabb on a beautiful shade onto your lips–a plus for lazy people like me who won’t ever do a full face on a daily basis. I have a few favorites that I always keep at hand, namely Happy Skin in the shades Wonder Woman and Crushing on You, and Clinique in the shade Bare Pop. But I decided to try this new line my sister-in-law was raving about, Powerlips Fluid Lipstick. Here are a few of my first impressions about this new item on the market.



Longevity is it’s main feature, I must say. This lippie lasts long–and by long, I mean all day. You will probably only need to retouch if you eat greasy food, or if you decide to keep it on from your breakfast meeting all the way until a night out partying. Otherwise, this one is a lasting lipstick that will (again) benefit the lazy! Application is also a breeze with its rich texture and sleek brush tip. This lippie is extra pigmented and dries into a solid matte hue. It does have the tendency to feel dry after a while (most matte lipsticks, in my experience, are like this), so do moisturize prior to application.

As for colors, well, I think these photos will do a much better job at showing you the variety of shades versus me describing them one at a time. My personal favorites are Peristence, a nude shade for everyday, and Breadwinner, a brick red hue to spice things up once in a while. Scroll on to see the other colors.



That’s all for now, folks. What do you think?

P.S. These lipsticks are not available in retail so send me a message if you want some.

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