This Weather and My Skin

All those who have known me since puberty will attest that my skin and I have gone through a lot. To this day, my skin remains to be extra sensitive. My skin is very oily but as soon as the weather changes, I notice dry areas. This imbalance commonly leads to breakouts here and there.

Summer here in the Philippines has been terribly hot and just as predicted, the extreme weather condition resulted in dry areas in my jawline and forehead and breakouts in various areas.

When I went to Korea, I learned a great deal about skincare. Koreans take EXTRA care of their skin, men and women alike. They meticulously undergo strict daily regimens that comprise of a whole set of products (a different set for the day time and a different set for night time). One of the important parts of their regimen is applying facial masks. Facial masks moisturize the skin and depending on the kind of mask, offer additional benefits such as exfoliating, or whitening and the like.

I went out to search for perfect facial mask that would fit my sensitive skin. I didn’t find one, but I found a number of them. Let me share with you my favorite finds.

  1. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack (Available in Watson’s, around Php 200+) – This is an amazing discovery that not only moisturizes the skin, it also exfoliates and cleanses. ItIMG_20160325_155108[1] hardens after a few minutes of application and it feels so refreshing after washing off.
  2. Aloe Essence Mask Sheet (From Korea, available in Korean beauty stores such as The Faceshop, Etude House, Nature Republic, etc.) – Aloe Vera is known to be an excellent treatment for the skin, especially for burns and eczema. I love how this mask soothes the skin and has that cool feeling upon application.I use this mask after a long toxic day at work!
  3. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (From Korea, but available in – This mask is made from minerals from volanic explosions in Jeju Island, Korea. This mask is known for treating pores by exfoliating and controlling sebum. I use this pore-minimizing mask once to twice a week.
  4. Nu Skin Polishing Peel (From my sister-in-law who is into the business of anti-aging and wellness with Nu Skin. Comment if you’d like to be referred for this product or other Nu Skin products.) – The main benefit of this peeling mask is that it exfoliates like a microdermabrasion and as a result of the former, it can help whiten and eliminate blemishes.

These masks have been helping me get through the summer heat. My skin has since recovered and I am experiencing less break outs. … But hey, the rainy season has just started! Will keep you posted if I have some rainy season beauty buys too!

‘Til then, lots of love,



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