Aloe Vera Favorites


In my previous post, I mentioned that one of the masks I love is one with aloe vera as a main ingredient. After several weeks of using this, I explored other aloe vera-based products and am now hooked to 3 of them. The non-greasy yet superior moisturizing and healing properties of aloe vera is really an outstanding benefit.

  1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (Php 245, available in Nature Republic stores nationwide) – When I inquired about it in the store, the sales lady shared the many uses of the product and I was sold instantly.07.Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
    Out of the many uses, I primarily use it as a substitute to my evening lotion regimen when it’s too hot. Because it’s in gel form, it is cool on the skin upon application and up to a few minutes after. I also use it as hair treatment in the morning to tame my locks when the weather is humid. Finally, I use it as well as a facial sleeping pack at night. It makes my skin smooth and fresh in the morning.
  2. Nu Skin Enhancer Gel (Purchased from my sister-in-law, to order click here) – This a good go-to product for the skin – face and body alike. It’s a more formidable and build-able product as compared to the former gel from Nature Republic. It can be combined with other products as well. For example, sometimes I blend it into my BB cream for added moisture throughout the day.
  3. Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream (Php 580 from – What a perfect combination – sunscreen (SPF 50 at that!!) and moisturizer in one! Sunscreen and moisturizer are usually 2 separate steps in my daily morning ritual. This cuts it into one, a big plus for girls like me who usually just get up and go. Another reason why I highly recommend this product is because it doesn’t smell like sun screen (it smells good :)), and despite the high SPF level, it doesn’t leave a white cast on the face the way a lot of others do. On a good skin day wherein I don’t need much coverage, I skip my BB cream altogether and leave the house with just this.

This ends my tribute to aloe vera andmy favorite aloe vera based products. Go and try some of these out or even other in the market.

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