Curious About Dry Shampoo?

Well, I am.

I’ve read and heard (from several people) that washing your hair every day–and twice a day as we do here–can be damaging and drying for your hair. Naturally, I got really curious about dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is said to soak up oil, add volume, and leave your hair fresh all day without damaging the hair. That got me right away so I started reading up some more and here’s what I found.


I discovered that has a helpful guide to learn more about this handy beauty product and how to find the right one. Currently there are two types available, aerosol and powder, which are a little different in their own ways. A powder option, which is shaken directly into your hands and worked through hair, might be a preferred option for people with thin hair who are looking for more texture. Meanwhile an aerosol, which is sprayed directly on the roots, might be a better fit for thick hair.

Checking ingredients is a must! Try to make sure it has no parabens, hair dying sulfates, or tal. As a rule of thumb, you want something where you can recognize the majority of the ingredients. There are also many DIY dry shampoo options using easy-to-find products that make a great solution. Some examples include baking soda, baby powder, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, and even cocoa powder (for darker hair)–I find this so interesting!

It’s also important to remember: everything in moderation! Dry shampoo can be a quick fix in a cinch, but be careful not to overdo it.

Learn more about dry shampoo here:



Will also do a product review, so watch out for that!

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